There’s a place of great tradition, diversity and vulnerability.

We have a shared opportunity to ensure the Arctic is considered and protected, especially because its inhabitants and natural phenomena are at risk now more than ever before.

Our Arctic Mission is Twofold

Circumpolar Conservation Union (CCU) is a nonprofit organization that works to maintain the ecological and cultural integrity of the Arctic. In other words, we help safeguard the Arctic environment and support the subsistence way of life upheld by the area’s indigenous peoples.

Our Approach

Marine Protection

We help preserve important areas by developing policies and scientific analyses related to shipping and marine-protected territories.

Treaties & International Cooperation

Our policy expertise on governance arrangements provide coordinated oversight of and protection for the Arctic Ocean.

Ecosystem-Based Management

We inform integrated approaches for maintaining or restoring ecosystems and managing human-environment interactions.

Arctic Council Representation

As a highly specialized nonprofit, we serve as an official observer of the Arctic Council (a vital intergovernmental forum).

One Distinct Region has Universal Impact

The Arctic is a unique territory located at the northernmost part of Earth. It consists of eight states: Canada, Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. Iconic marine mammals and millions of migratory birds are found in this globally significant habitat that’s truly unlike any other.

Latest News

Inuit Circumpolar Council Signs Declaration for Arctic Action

Sep 6, 2018

By Ravenna Koenig, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Fairbanks –July 23, 2018 The Inuit Circumpolar Council wrapped up its 2018 General Assembly Thursday in Utqiaġvik. Listen Here Iñupiat, Yupik and Cup’ik from Alaska and Inuit from Canada, Greenland and Russia got…

Government of Canada and Northern partners announce new Marine Protected Area in the Arctic

Dec 16, 2016

Canada is home to several unique marine environments that, due to their sensitive ecosystems and increasing amounts of human pressure, need to be conserved and protected for the benefit of our natural aquatic wildlife and all Canadians. Today,…

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