Paris and the Arctic

Some ARCTIC pieces of interest from this past week:

Study: Alaska to lose much of its shallow permafrost by century’s end, Yereth Rosen, ADN

COP21 and the Arctic: What’s at Stake?, Victoria Herrmann, The Arctic Institute

COP21 and the Arctic: Adaptation, Damage, and the Work to be Done, Victoria Herrmann, the Arctic Institute

COP21: Why are we leaving the Arctic out in the cold?, Tahnee Prior and Whitney Lackenbauer, Nunatsiaq Online

Climate Change Through an Arctic Lens, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson (Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs), Huffington Post

Inuit Circumpolar Council: COP21 Position Paper, summary and full text on the Arctic Portal

And President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s ROLLING STONE interviews, in one place:

Obama Takes on Climate Change: The Rolling Stone Interview (September 23)

John Kerry on Climate Change: The Fight of Our Time (December 1)