Washington Post reports Arctic sea ice hits a new low in May

Chris Mooney’s report in The Washington Post We’ve never seen anything like this’: Arctic sea ice hit a stunning new low in May.   [read rest of article]

Ice extent still well below normal in Arctic

Arctic Newswire – Yereth Rosen May 5, 2016 Arctic sea-ice extent in April was probably at a record low for the month, continuing this year’s trend of record or near-record lows, the National Snow and Ice Data Center said on…

Arctic is melting away right in front of us

“It is time for regulators to wake up and realise that the Arctic is melting away right in front of us,” said Whit Sheard of the Circumpolar Conservation Union (CCU) green group. “Common sense regulations, integrated ocean planning, and explicit…

Washington Post reports on Arctic Amplification

Chris Mooney of the The Washington Post reports in an article from February 18, 2016 on the anomalies in climate. The results have scientists floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now. [read full article]

Ocean Currents

Why More Research is Crucial for Protecting the Arctic by Todd Stevenson [read article]