Supreme Court of Canada to weigh in on seismic testing

Supreme Court of Canada to weigh in on seismic testing

On November 30, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear Hamlet of Clyde River v. TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA (TGS), a case with wide repercussions for the Canadian arctic environment and the Inuit’s millennia-old way of life. millennium The case arose…

Washington Post reports on Arctic Amplification

Chris Mooney of the The Washington Post reports in an article from February 18, 2016 on the anomalies in climate. The results have scientists floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now. [read full article]

from The Arctic Newswire

Russia’s Northern Sea Route saw downturn in cargo transits in 2015

Paris and the Arctic

Some ARCTIC pieces of interest from this past week: – Study: Alaska to lose much of its shallow permafrost by century’s end, Yereth Rosen, ADN – COP21 and the Arctic: What’s at Stake?, Victoria Herrmann, The Arctic Institute – COP21…

Administration Gives Shell Conditional Approval

Shocked to read in yesterday’s NYT “Administration Gives Conditional Approval for Shell to Drill in Arctic” New York Times May 11 Article