Fight & Win: Brock Evans’s Strategies for the New Eco-Warrior

The legendary conservationist is waging a brand new war against powerful out-of-control U.S. industrialists who are knowingly speeding up global warming and getting away with it. Big Oil, Big Mining, Big Timber, and Big Development are making money the old-fashioned way: by ruining our natural environment forever in order to make a quick buck now. And their protectors in Congress are doing everything in their power to guarantee they get their way.

Brock Evans has been pestering Congress, getting arrested, and saving millions of acres of forest and wilderness for more than 40 years. But the stakes, he says, are now higher than ever.  Evans and his friends believe that the salvation of our vulnerable planet going forward lies in the commitment and savvy of today’s youth.

So Evans has written a remarkable how-to action guide, Fight & Win: Brock Evans’s Strategies for the New Eco-Warrior (Barclay Bryan Press, 2013).

Here’s why Brock’s new war is unique:

A few of us are working pro bono to get this book into the hands of thousands of high school and college students for an unbeatable price: FREE.

There’s never been a book, or book-giveaway blitz, anything like it.

Will you contribute? Even five dollars helps! So will your notifying friends.  Imagine the results of delivering a step-by-step manifesto to passionate young people on how to get and keep grassroots support; how to change a hostile Congressman’s mind; how to get a public hearing delayed if you need to buy time to polish your presentation; how to get a bad building project shut down even after a permit has been issued; and so on. Plus all the tips in the book come with case histories from real-life eco-battles waged and won.

Brock and his friends have spent decades learning these skills the hard way. His book Fight & Win will give new activists an incredible shortcut to pulling off the victories we need them to achieve – for all our sakes.

Ten percent of all funds raised in this Fight & Win Campaign will go directly to the Endangered Species Coalition as a donation. Supporters can find out more – and how to help – by going to the publisher’s website,

Release of the book is scheduled for December 3, with a launch at the National Press Club in Washington.  We will appreciate your help — and you’ll love the book.