The Circumpolar Conservation Union works to protect the ecological and cultural integrity of the Arctic by promoting understanding and cooperation among Arctic indigenous peoples, environmental organizations and other diverse interests, by raising public awareness ofthe importance of the Arctic, and by advocating policies and institutions that will protect the environment, promote sustainability, andrespect the human rights of Arctic communities and peoples.


Founded in 1995, CCU has long been the only non-profit organization focusing solely on Arctic ecological and cultural preservation.

We advocated for the creation of the Arctic Council, and remain an active accredited observer organization there.

We have supported the Arctic’s people and ecology both within and outside the Council.  We launched a ground-breaking report on Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Arctic, which contributed to support of the Stockholm Convention.   In 2005, we organized a nation-wide media tour of Arctic indigenous leaders, the Arctic Voices Tour, through U.S. battleground states in the fight for climate change legislation.

CCU’s board members continue active advocacy through the Arctic Council on a variety of fronts.

In addition, we have long pushed for greater funding and resources for Arctic people, and have built strong links between indigenous organizations and the global philanthropic community.

As a networked organization, we welcome new opportunities to partner with diverse organizations looking to support the Arctic and its peoples.  Please contact our Board Chair, Iva Kaufman at ivakaufman@gmail.com, for more information.